vision and mission statement


To reach as many children as possible bringing them faith, hope and love through playful sport activities.

To establish a new generation of children with confidence, self-worth, hope, integrity and identity that will change our world.


ECD Program through sports

  • Establish the Early Childhood Development program, PHD4Toddlers, in all Daycare Centres and Nursery Schools in the less privileged areas in South Africa.  


The 100 Program.

  • Reach out to 100 Schools in rural areas per year.

  • Establish a variety sports program in each school.

  • Equip each school with sporting equipment.

  • Establish coaching programs in each school.

  • Train and establish coaches for each school.


Through the 100 Program

  • Uplift the community through sporting days at schools.

  • Give each child the opportunity to play a variety of sport.

  • Give children hope and dreams through the sporting program

  • Coach life skills to children for a hopeful future.

  • Establish mentorship for children growing up in an absent-father society.

  • Establish true identity and self-worth regardless of circumstances.


To uplift children by giving them opportunities to change their perspective on life.

Many children in South Africa grow up deprived of love and hope. We want to reach these children through a variety of sport and change hopelessness into worthy lives to live.

Through sport much needed values are established such as:

  • Self discipline

  • The feeling to belong (e.g. team)

  • Pride in individual and team accomplishment

  • Mindset of “I am capable”, “I have potential”, “I can do this” which leads to

    • Self-worth, which again leads to

    • True identity and the ability to make wise choices to create a bright future for themselves.