ECD through sports

Info about the ECD Program

All the activities and sports games used in the PHD4Toddlers program have been developed in participation with an educational psychologist and occupational therapist.

The purpose of the program is to develope toddlers on all levels and get them school ready.

The program also introduces a variety of sports to the toddlers in a fun way.

Skills developed through the program:

  • Gross motor skills.  

  • Fine motor skills.

  • Co-ordination

  • Eye movements

  • Body awareness

  • Visual perception

  • Auditory memory

  • Character building

  • Communication skills

  • Language development.

  • Self-confidence

  • Spatial orientation. 

  • Midline crossing.

  • Directionality. 

  • Position in space. 

  • Cognitive development.

  • Identifying basic colours. 

  • Consequential reasoning.

  • Association.

  • Sequential reasoning.

  • Introduction to basic mathematics. 


Back to basics with 6 bricks.

Through our partnership with Care for Education we have also added the Back to Basics with 6 Bricks to our program. With this addition we are now able to bring a complete fun filled educational program to the schools.

The program is designed to excite and motivate young children in the classroom to attain the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for success in later life.

Skills developed through the program:

  • Perceptual Skills

  • Literacy Skills

  • Numeracy Skills

  • Physical Skills

  • Social-Emotional Skills

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Sequencing    Number concepts   Counting   Sensory-Motor   Estimating   Classifying   Visual Memory

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Train the trainer program:

Through our Train the Trainer Program Pre-School Principals and Teachers receives training in the form of a hands-on workshop, which equip them to implement the PHD4Toddlers program into their curriculum and daily activities. The training includes all the skills developed as mentioned above. After the twelve weeks training, participants receive a certificate of completion.